Search Local: Escanaba Public Library (MI)

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Escanaba in Delta County is located along Lake Michigan’s northwest coastline in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The Escanaba Public Library is an excellent example of a library partnering with other local organizations in order to provide digital access to genealogical materials.

The Delta County Death Records database was created by the Delta County Genealogical Society from the records that are available at the Delta County Clerk’s office. The search options are divided into “Deaths 1865 to 1941” and “Deaths 1932 to 2015.” The “Deaths 1865 to 1941” results provide the date and place of death, year and place of birth, name of father, and maiden name of mother. The “Deaths 1932 to 2015” results include the date of death, birth year, name of father, maiden name of mother, cemetery, and funeral home.

The Historical Newspapers held at the library have been digitized and are hosted through the Upper Peninsula Digital Network (UPLINK).The newspaper images can be searched and browsed for the following papers:

  • Escanaba Daily Press (1922-1951)
  • Escanaba Daily Mirror (1906-1924)
  • Escanaba Morning Press (1909-1922)
  • Escanaba Tribune (1869-1877)
  • Evening Iron Port (1899)
  • Iron Port (1877-1910)
  • Semi-Weekly Iron Port & Calumet (1891)
  • Semi-Weekly Iron Port (1891-1892)
  • Weekly Iron Port (1892-1898)

The Escanaba Public Library is a great example of how one can find family history information in some of the most unique places.

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